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With our variable 4-color print technology and strong data capabilities, response with direct mail and EDDM is at your fingertips

Precision targeting is essential to any marketing campaign, and direct mail is the most effective method to target current and/or potential customers.

Why choose BBI as a full service direct marketing solution?

We're not a mail broker, we are a mail house with on-site production and advanced data analysis capabilities. BBI Marketing can combine a personalized message with a list created from data analysis, geographic boundaries, or desired demographic selections. With over 20 years of experience in the mailing industry and a close relationship with the post office, the best rates and proper execution of each and every mailing is standard operating procedure.

We've developed some of the strongest data analysis tools in the industry, and own some of the best equipment to produce a wide range of extremely effective mailings that will get you a great response. Mailings can range from saturating an area with your message to sending one individually customized piece to a small group of high valued prospects from data procured directly from your establishment, or targeted by us in our immensely large database.

BBI Marketing Postcard Examples

Which mailing is right for me?

We've broken down the different types of mailings to help make the appropriate decision to maximize your response.
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Saturation Mail

To get a message out to a targeted geographic area, saturation mail or Every Door Direct Mail® is the most cost effective method. This could be a specific city, zip code, and even a specific neighborhood. If you know where your most desirable customers are living, we can target them with a customized creative that will stand out from the crowd. Saturation mail is an excellent option for new businesses or businesses without a customer database; but who also serve a certain area.

Every Door Direct Mail® also falls into this category, and is more affordable than saturation mail. However, we are unable to track response from this mailing via data. It would require physical redemption to track appropriately, while saturation data allows us to track redemption and repsonse on a per address basis.

Case Study: Jersey Mike's

Jersey Mike's

When Jersey Mike's franchisees open new store locations, they come to us to get the word out about their Grand Openings. One of the ways we accomplish a large opening day response is via saturation mail. We choose areas that are most likely to respond based on drive time and distance to each store. We also do our best to target neighborhoods that match demographics Jersey Mike's is looking for in their customer base.

Targeted Direct Mail

Different from saturation and a great way to reach potential customers is using our targeted demographics lists. Some examples of targeted demographics are income level, hobbies, household size, type of residence, industry type, and many more. The list is quite extensive, so ask us about a list tailored to your business and services.

A perfect example (that is also very popular) is the Birthday Mailer which is, as you may have guessed, mailing everyone in your targeted area that has a birthday in the upcoming or current month. There are always fans of a business that sends you a special offer or birthday card during that special time of year.

Case Study: Snappy Tomato Pizza

Snappy Tomato

Snappy Tomato's wanted to welcome New Movers to their neighborhood by sending a personalized variable 4-color welcome postcard that invites New Mover's to stop into their store for a special offer. Using our extensive targeted "New Mover" list that is updated weekly around the United States and our variable 4-color technology, we were able to target these New Movers, and Snappy Tomato was able to engage customers who were new to their service area and encourage them to "Taste the Snappy Difference"!

Database Mail

Our data capabilities are second to none, especially if you can provide your own data to us directly from a compiled source, such as a Point of Sales system or office backend. If your business is lucky enough to have a database of customers then options become truly exciting. First, we'll clean and standardize your list ensuring only vaild addresses are mailed and the best possible postal rates will be achieved. At this point, we'll analyze what information is available in your data to see if variable 4-color printing can be utilized.

We could write an entire textbook on Database Mail, the possibilities are almost endless. Based on what your data contains, we will recommend options that will maximize response not only by our personalized 4-color variable technology, but usage of outside demographics on individuals or households. We can go further by analyizing customers who have fallen from sale cycles, their favorite items, and even combine saturation data so that you can send different pieces to those who are new customers, and those who are existing customers.

Case Study: Domino's

Domino's Pizza

Domino's utilizes one of our in-house technologies called Smart Mail. Smart Mail automatically analyizes data from the Point of Sales system and look for addresses who are current customers. Smart Mail then obtains addresses that are within the delivery area, and identifies business, customers and non-customers. Using these established market segments, Smart Mail then sends an aggressive offer to non-customers to engage them, a business friendly offer to businesses (such as a lunch special or catering) and a special offer to current customers (tailored to their favorite menu item).

Using these methods, we've maximized the response for Domino's with our 4-color variable print technology and minimized mailing costs by creating a fusion of Saturation Mail and Database Mail!

Mail Programs

With over 20 years in the mailing industry and our technology driven results, we've been hard at work to create new mailing programs for small business and large organizations alike. Our talented developers have recently created a transactional direct mail API that allows your Point of Sales system to interface directly with us. This allows you to perform transactional mailings automatically based on customer interaction with you or your back end. You have the option to choose creative based on each transaction, and we'll mail it with the information you provide to our API!

We're always innovating our direct mail solutions to follow a successful pattern based on your needs and your customers profile. Contact us today to develop a solution that fits your specific needs.

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