Hotel Advertising

Why advertise your brand in hotels?

$1.3 trillion is spent on direct and indirect travel expenses annually.

One of the best ways to reach this dynamic "On-The-Go" consumer group is upon check-in at their hotel and throughout their stay via in-room hotel advertising!

Advertise on Hotel Keys

BBI Marketing has perfected a Full Service Check-In Program that places advertising messages directly into the hands of guests at hotels throughout the nation. Every key card with your advertisement acts like a mini-billboard your target audience carries and uses every day.

BBI maintains a full service outbound hotel acquisition and inventory management program - we handle your program for you. We establish a relationship with your hotel advertising partner, distribute marketing materials to your partner and check back often to ensure its success for you.

BBI is contracted with tens of thousands of hotels nationwide.

BBI Marketing Hotel Key Card

Getting Started is Easy!

Hotel Advertising - Verification

Hotel List Verification

At the start, you will provide us with your service area or the area you wish to advertise in. In a business day, we will send you a list of hotels available for partnership. Check the box of the hotels you would like to partner with. Just to be sure, please double check that these hotels are within your desired advertising radius.

When you send back your hotel list, one of our hotel specialists will help you establish a plan of action that best suits your budget.

Hotel Advertising - Partnerships

Hotel Partnerships

Our highly motivated sales team has been trained to act as a liaison for communication between our Advertising Co-Op partners and the hotels that we work with. Our goal is to offer the guests at the hotels a variety of options with reputable establishments for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Our team makes quarterly outbound calls ensuring we stay in touch with the hotel decision maker and that your room keys are being used at all times.

Hotel Advertising - Creative Choices

Creative Choices

You will need to choose whether or not you would like to use your own creative department or ours. We have extremely talented and experienced graphic artists. Should you choose to use our team, we are confident we can create something that will drive traffic to your business. A "Call to Action" is recommended when advertising on the hotel room keys.

Everyone loves a deal!

Prior to printing the keys, we ask the hotels to sign off on the new proof with your advertising information on it. This ensures that all parties are on the same page.

Hotel Advertising - Payment Options


Payment information is located at the bottom of the hotel proposal and hotel list. We accept most forms of payment. The rate card is based on the number of hotels in your partnership agreement. We offer per store and location billing broken down by hotel.

Hotel Advertising Pricing

Pricing below is per marketing product we provide at hotels. We also offer special bulk pricing for large marketing areas.

Just by contacting us, we'll send you a free tourism marketing analysis, detailing all hotels within your desired market area.

Hotel Key Cards
14¢ / per card
  • Fully Managed Marketing Program
  • Brand Inhabits Front & Back of Card
  • Fully Customizable 4-Color Artwork
  • Standard Magnetic Stripe Cards
Channel Guides
$ 4 / per guide
  • Durable, Plastic A-Stands
  • Brand Inhabits Front & Back of Guide
  • Fully Customizable 4-Color Artwork
  • Place Your Order Once!
Key Sleeves
7¢ / per sleeve
  • Introduced at Check-In
  • Brand Inhabits Front & Back of Sleeve
  • Fully Customizable 4-Color Artwork
  • Used at All Hotels

Join the BBI Marketing Hotel Advertising Network

Contact us today to join the BBI Marketing advertiser network. Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can evaluate your market effectively. A BBI representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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