Our Team

Why is BBI Marketing so successful at what we do?

It's because of our team! We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have all come together to create something unique.

Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown President

Bonnie Brown gained much of her experience working with the Domino's Pizza Franchise system. After attending The University of South Florida, she helped build a printing and direct mail company with John Phillips that eventually serviced most of the 5,000 US Domino's stores. She co-owned a Domino's store with her husband in New Jersey and also worked as the Marketing Director for the Disney Orlando Domino's stores.

She started BBI Marketing in 2009 and focused on running the very best Hotel Marketing Program. In 2013, Bonnie was once again able to bring her passion for raising sales through direct mail to her wide variety of customers.

Building a company like BBI Marketing has been extremely rewarding, but her greatest joy is raising her three beautiful daughters Sydney, Savannah, & Sierra.

John Phillips

John Phillips Director of Sales & Marketing

Originally from Hollywood, Florida, John moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida. After graduation with his degree with marketing, John then attended Dale Carnegie Training to further engrain leadership into his DNA.

In 1993, John founded Southeast Print Programs and built the company to $15 million yearly before he sold it to start fresh in 2013. He went back to work with BBI Marketing in 2015, where he has helped BBI become a power-house in hotel marketing, direct mail, creative design and full color printing.

Off the clock, John enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending time with his two wonderful children Brandy and Arielle.

We've taken the best ideas from previous ventures, innovated the ideas and technology that power these solutions to form the present BBI Marketing business model.

Jodi Baker

Jodi Baker Senior Account Executive

Jodi has been a part of the BBI team since 2010. She is a proud alumni of the Florida State University, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Marketing and Management. Jodi began her career working in the hotel industry for Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide. She is passionate about building strong relationships with clients and committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL, Jodi loves spending time with her family and friends. As an avid sports fan, you can find her cheering for the Florida State Seminoles, Miami Heat and yes, even the Dolphins. In her spare time, you’re likely to catch her at the beach, riding her bike, or beating her co-workers in fantasy football!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Jackie Cargo

Jackie Cargo Senior Account Executive

Space is the place!

Arielle Phillips

Arielle Phillips Account Manager

Arielle has been working with BBI Marketing for a little over 2 years now. She takes pride in her work and the relationships she builds with her clients. Arielle handles a wide variety of clients and enjoys taking on new projects. As the years pass by she has shown a great amount of growth within the company and in herself.

Arielle has a passion for hiking and anything that involves the great outdoors and traveling. Secretly, she has an obsession with owls and we think it's because she wants to become wiser.

Sandy Lechner

Sandy Lechner Director, National Sales and Business Development

Sanford “Sandy” Lechner is an expert AdTech – MarTech Media & Franchise Sales Executive.

Over his extensive career, he has successfully lead revenue and team growth & development. He is a degreed, successful, and experienced sales executive and sales leader. A true "hunter" and "closer", a student of Sales and Sales Leadership - possessing degrees from Kellogg School of Management, Miller-Hiemann, and Sandler Sales Methodology. He has vast experience and skill at personal and team goal attainment, sales forecasting, and sales methodology.

Sanford is married with two adult daughters, and is a 4X Ironman Triathlete.

Scott Thibodeau

Scott Thibodeau National Sales Manager

Scott has 35 years of experience in providing Direct Mail & Digital Solutions with a focus on the QSR industry.

Scott’s job is to increase sales for his clients via proven trackable results with new customer acquisition and traffic driven retention programs.

Scott’s family includes his wife Kristina, two daughters and 3 grand kids. Outside of work he can be found tinkering in the garage on his motorcycle, golfing, or up in the sky flying/jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

David Early

David Early Business Manager

Originally from Central Ohio, where he received a BA in Economics from THE Ohio State University, David moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2013. Prior to his arrival at BBI, he has held similar positions in the retail grocery, aftermarket auto-repair, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. This broad spectrum of experience as helped him to cater to BBI's wide and varied client base. His responsibilities include vendor relations, new product development, and client account management, as well as handling the day-to-day operations of the company.

David is currently pursing a Master of Business Administration degree. Among other things, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, taking in the sun at the beach, and, of course, is a passionate Buckeye fan.

I am dedicated to working with our clients each day to help them succeed.

Bianca Pittman

Bianca Pittman Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Tyler Davies

Tyler Davies Senior Software Engineer

Tyler joined the BBI team in 2011. He is an accomplished information technology professional performing software development, information security, and infrastructure management for a wide variety of companies in many different industries.

Tyler works as a full stack developer for BBI. He develops services, websites, analytical marketing software, and creates tools that help BBI create efficient and effective marketing programs across multiple channels. He also manages BBI's IT infrastructure. These projects allow BBI to work more efficiently and focus on what we're good at: making our clients marketing and advertising efforts a complete success.

When Tyler is away from his desk, he loves riding and working on his motorcycles, going to the gym, playing baseball, producing music and spending time with friends and family.

Danielle Holcomb

Danielle Holcomb Shipping & Logistics Manager

Danielle has always been an overachiever. She is dedicated and hard working, and goes above and beyond to get the job done. She fills many different roles at BBI including but not limited to shipping and logistics, creative proofing and data analysis.

Her life revolves around her children, they're what keep her motivated to achieve. Always planning months ahead for everything, she knows details and organization are key in everything that she does!

Wanda Key

Wanda Key Production Manager

Wanda is a part of the BBI team because of her talent, positive driven attitude and extensive knowledge of print. Her duties vary, but her primary focus is keeping our print production facility running smoothly.

She ensures all printed creatives and direct mail is processed in a timely manner and corresponds directly with the post office to ensure timely delivery of BBI's direct mail campaigns.

Wanda is a "jack of all trades" regarding print, certified with Xerox for the I-Gen4 Digital Press and Xerox Nuvera Doc 120. She also operates BBI's Imagepress C7000VP & C8000VP machines. She's also well versed with Silk Screening presses, with working knowledge of the machines from cylinders to quality control.


Josh Walker

Josh Walker Production

Josh joined the BBI team after moving to Florida from Missouri, and we're beyond thrilled to have him here. He's brought a significant amount of knowledge regarding print and direct mail into the production facility. He heads the majority of pressing projects with production and is the primary reason BBI is able to turn around products quickly and efficiently.

We asked Josh to comment on the significant change from Missori to Florida and so far he loves it. The only downside? Hurricanes, which he got a taste of when Irma rolled through the area. But so far, he's enjoying it.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time with his kids.

Tim Schoonover

Tim Schoonover Assistant Business Manager

Tim has worn many hats during his tenure with BBI Marketing. From Account Manager to General Manager to Assistant Business Manager, Tim currently provides invoicing services and works closely with the Management Team of BBI Marketing on administrative issues. He has an Associates of Arts degree in Business from Pensacola Junior College, and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Anthropology from the University of South Florida.

In his free time, Tim also works as a professional Archaeologist in the Southwestern US region, and works on expanding his own aerial drone imaging and GIS solutions company.

What kind of company is BBI Marketing?