Domino's® Smart Direct Mail

Take advantage of saturation rates utilizing our variable 4-color imaging

Power your marketing and maximize your ROI per piece by using multiple, unique designs to target specific customer profiles in your delivery area while maintaining the lowest possible postage rate.

What is Smart Mail?

Using our variable imaging technology, we can mail several full color custom creatives all in one mailing and capture the lowest possible postal rate. With Smart Mail, we can divide your data into multiple market segments, presenting appropriate offers to each.

Our advanced data analysis, modeling, and variable imaging capabilities - developed exclusively for Domino's® - allow us to mail different offers to customer profiles that will capture the saturation postage rate and net your stores maximum response per piece of mail.

We also provide FREE enhanced ROI reporting for every mailing so you can track progress and see results.

Smart Mail is only 35.7¢ per piece

These postcards and completely customizable & feature what matters to you most.

  • check_circle Now Hiring
  • check_circle Customer Appreciation
  • check_circle Store Pictures Featuring Dine-In

For just pennies more, you can target Spanish households, birthdays, and households with children.

Domino's Mail Customer Profiles
Domino's Customer Mail Target
Domino's Non-Customer Mail Target
Domino's Business Mail Target

Current Customer Creative

Smart Mail

Non-Customer Creative

Smart Mail

Business Creative

Smart Mail

Utilize BBI Marketing's Powerful Data Insights and Eye Catching Creative for Smart Mail

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