Social Media Marketing & Management

All-In-One Management Platform

BBI can effectively and efficiently manage social media accounts for all locations in your company or franchise system.

Quickly post content to a single location or group of locations with a single click - no need to switch accounts or recreate content!

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BBI Marketing & Linkasoarus

BBI Marketing and Linkasoarus have partnered together to provide franchisees with the best all-in-one management platform for your local franchise social media channels.

Spend your valuable time running your business and let us take care of growing your social presence and responding to your customers!

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Marketing tools are ever expanding to accomodate more advanced marketing techniques - it's important to have a team with working knowledge of these tools to maximize response on your businesses social media accounts. Your company needs a capable, educated representative in the social media sphere to maximize response and investment.

BBI Marketing houses social marketing experts that can represent your brand properly with effective social marketing. In addition to access to our properietary Social Media platform, the BBI Social Media Marketing Team can manage your online presence and brand perception with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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Our Social Media Marketing Platform Features

For national brands and franchises, it is important to not only represent the brand appropriately but to also to have a local appearance. On review of your social media pages, we will your brand has a location specific representation with profile pictures, cover photos, and a location signature for every posts.

Your brand or franchise system is linked together and effectively create a shared library. This collective power of ad creation combined with analytics of how each ad is performing allows an operator in NY to repost a high performing ad from an operator from CA instantly with location specific details. Like a “Best Practice” social media sharing hub.

The goal is to increase collaboration and inspire each other!

Leveraging current data and modeling techniques, we can target individuals based on demographics or specific models to reach only customer profiles you desire. These demographics or models can target customers that are most likely to buy, increasing conversion rates and reducing marketing cost.

If available, we can also leverage your current customer database to target existing customers. We can even drill down this data to reach segmenets that you want - get creative!

When your brand’s HQ or Corporate page submits a Facebook post, our program grabs this post, “stamps” it with your location specific-Location Signature and posts it as original content.

This keeps your page active whether you’re doing anything or not. We can turn this feature on or off at your preference.

Posts can be scheduled in the future. All prior posts are saved in a calendar that can be reused in the future by everyone. This allows for scheduled post for upcoming holidays, events, planned national promotions, or local festivals for your location.

We will work directly with you, your social media team, and your managers to create high engaging content and run marketing campaigns targeted to just the users in your area. Working with your Ad Budget, we can target ads to your geographic location within Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

We can also run ads to compliment any and all direct mail campaigns we are executing. Get stats on how many times your posts are being viewed and how often people are acting on the post (like, share, comment, etc).

Social media is also an excellent platform for recruiting and hiring. We can set up a job posting for each location with alerts going to the location’s manager or franchise hiring manager. Let us set up your job postings and see the application come in directly from Facebook messenger.

Give your location managers or operators the ability to create content for their store, but control what’s posted using the pre-screen function. Employ your trusted Supervisors (or BBI) to green-light it before publishing. Once its approved, it will appear on your page.

We reply to all Google reviews on behalf of the owner, representing your brand with tact. We link every Manager and Operator to their location’s Google Business listing - they'll receive email notifications the INSTANT a Google Review is submitted about your store.

This allows a quick response to customers with a poor review and many change their star ratings after follow up from the location. Google star ratings are becoming a factor in consumer’s decision to use your business.

The power and advantage of Google is the constant user created content allowing local information to be constantly updated. With the advent of user generated content to your location’s Google-My-Business listing, brand damaging photos and videos are present. In BBI’s initial review, we will remove any brand damaging photos and videos then upload high-quality local photos and videos to compliment your brands and location’s image.

After the initial review, BBI will monitor your page to keep it looking professional as well as your managers and operators can be emailed when someone uploads a picture to their listing. The average Google listing is viewed over 800 times a day and we want your brand to have the best image available for customers and new candidates for jobs.

Ryan Swanson

As a team member of Domino’s since 2000 and the Vice President of Marketing for the last four years, I’ve always tried to achieve the highest ROI with my marketing budget. Marketing techniques are changing with advances in technology and BBI Marketing is helping us do just that.

During October 2018, our 47 facebook pages averaged over 300 views per day per store. BBI Marketing knew the importance of promoting “place Halloween orders in advance” through social media, which resulted in our 47 store’s averaging over $600 in timed orders before we opened on Halloween.

Many stores had record days with some starting their days with over $5,000 in timed orders and these stores only average $20,000 in AWUS. The Friday before Halloween was an all-time record day for our company and the only difference this year compared to last was the 47 social media campaigns.

Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson
VP of Marketing and Restaurant Development

Experience the Difference with our Social Media Marketing & Management Program

With BBI’s creative and Social Media Management team combined with the power of our platform, your brand has the advantage to leverage social media’s influence on consumers’ buying decisions for measured success.

Contact us today. Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can evaluate your market effectively. A BBI representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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